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We produce Precision Near Net Shape Investment Castings for a wide range of industries such as pump and valve, pulp and paper, forestry, electrical, oil and gas, agricultural, consumer product, instrumentation, food, conveying, furnace, process and others.

Before a mould is even made or a casting is formed, CAC technicians render the design using Pro-Engineer and Magmasoft software. In advance, using 3-dimensional technology not only let our customer to "see" the casting part before its made, but it provides the opportunity to test it for potential Material Flow or solidification problems as well. Our professional team work on your designs and drawings to ensure the part in almost flawless before it matches production requirement. We test many kinds of index for melting metal to make decision. This method of "virtual castings" is a superior method of reducing costs, maximizing production values, and keeping high level quality produce. CAC customers have realized both the financial and qualitative benefits of this unique pre-production tool.


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